Cary Audio SLP-05

Cary Audio
Discover the Award-Winning Cary Audio SLP-05 Preamplifier

The Cary Audio SLP-05 preamplifier stands out as a true gem, having received numerous accolades and rave reviews. Crafted with utmost precision, this exceptional preamplifier comprises two separate enclosures—a dedicated power supply and the preamplifier unit itself. This innovative design effectively eliminates noise interference and ensures a stable electrical foundation for an unparalleled audio experience.

Built with the signature differentially balanced construction that characterizes Cary Audio products, the SLP-05 preamplifier achieves remarkable noise reduction, surpassing industry standards. By employing a feedback-free approach, this masterpiece guarantees lightning-fast response times and uncompromised audio fidelity.

Equipped with three pairs of RCA inputs, a tape loop, and two pairs of XLR balanced inputs, the SLP-05 offers unmatched versatility in connecting your preferred audio sources. Additionally, its Cinema Bypass mode allows seamless integration with a home theater processor, eliminating concerns about signal degradation or the need for volume readjustments.
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To enhance your listening pleasure, the SLP-05 comes with a meticulously matched set of tubes. Furthermore, it boasts a built-in headphone amplifier powered by a perfectly paired tube duo. Immerse yourself in lifelike sound reproduction, where every nuance and detail are brought to life, elevating the SLP-05 from exceptional to world-class.

With Cary Audio's unwavering commitment to circuit design precision, superior parts quality, and impeccable craftsmanship, the SLP-05 preamplifier is not only an investment in extraordinary musical enjoyment but also a source of pride for any discerning audiophile. Experience the pinnacle of audio excellence with the Cary Audio SLP-05 preamplifier today.

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Circuit Type: Class A Triode Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Design

Output Voltage: 2 volts rated, 12 Volts maximum

Overall Gain: 17 dB – Single-ended RCA, 24 dB – Balanced Operation

Rated Distortion: 0.03 % THD

Noise and Hum: -90 dB below full output

Input Impedance: 50,000 Ohms – RCA, 100,000 Ohms – XLR

Output Impedance: 400 Ohms

Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 250,000 Hz

Vacuum Tubes: 8 ea – 6SN7 octal tubes for the balanced, headphone and gain stages, 1 ea – 5AR4 Rectifier Tube in Power Supply

Power Transformer(s): R CORE 200% Duty Cycle

Resistors: 1% Metal Film

Capacitors: Polystyrene, Film and Foil

Power Supply Capacitors: 2 ea – 560µF @ 400 VDC

AC Cord: 3 Conductor, Detachable

AC Power Requirements: 117 or 234 Volts AC @ 50 or 60 Hz

Consumption: 75 watts – Operation, 25 watts – Standby

Warm-Up Time: 3 Minutes

Break-In Time: 100 hours of playing time

Finish: Anthracite black chassis with silver or black aluminum faceplate

Product Type: Preamplifier

lwh: 159x432x305

Weight: 15g

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