Cary Audio VT-500

Cary Audio
Upgrade your vinyl listening experience with the VT-500—a high-end vacuum tube phono preamplifier crafted for true audiophiles.

At its heart are four 6SL7 dual triode tubes, which provide exceptional sound quality that will elevate your vinyl sessions to new heights. Its passive RC circuit delivers accurate RIAA equalization, while its fully regulated power supply is contained within a separate, sturdy chassis for ultra-quiet operation.

Featuring two top-notch step-up transformers, the VT-500 offers sufficient gain for any MC cartridge, ensuring an impressively low noise level. With inputs and selectable loading for almost any moving magnet or coil phono cartridge, you can fine-tune the sound to fit your system perfectly. Dive into the enchanting fusion of art and technology with the VT-500, and uncover nuances and dynamic ranges in your vinyl collection that were previously hidden. For vinyl enthusiasts who are serious about their turntable setup, the VT-500 is a must-have addition to your audio equipment.


"The Cary Audio VT-500 Phono Preamplifier is an exceptional phono stage combining the power of tubes, the faithful reproduction of real music in actual space, and extraordinary design, with the lowest background noise in the business. With exclusive single-ended operation, and showing its best with low/medium output MC cartridges, the new Cary Audio VT-500 is fully competitive in performance and flexibility with tube phono stages priced up to $10,000, while costing half that much! Navigating the smartly designed controls is intuitive and a piece of cake, which is refreshing. The mute button on the front panel is a smart touch. It may keep you from destroying a tweeter someday.

The well designed and authentically musical Cary Audio VT-500 Phono Preamplifier is therefore highly recommended."
Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback


Product Type: Phono Stage

Circuit Type: Direct Coupled Single-ended Class A

Frequency Response: RIAA Curve + 0.5 dB, passive RIAA circuit design

Power Consumption: 15 watts

Input Impedance: MM – 47kΩ MC – Selectable 50Ω, 100Ω, 200Ω, 500Ω, 1000Ω

Output Impedance: 660Ω

Tube Complement: 2 – 6SN7 input tubes 1 – 300B driver tube 1 – 845 output tube or (Please choose 845 or 211 during install) 1 – 211 output tube (Please choose 211 or 845 during install)

Warm-Up Time: 5 Minutes

Break-In Time: 100 hours of music playing time

Finish: Fine textured black powder coat aluminum chassis, Black or Silver anodized aluminum faceplate

Gain: MM – 38 dB, using triode vacuum tubes MC – 65 dB, using input transformers and triode vacuum tubes

Noise and Hum: -78 dB below full output

Power Supply Design: Fully Regulated Power Supply with 1 ea. – R-Core transformer

Output Polarity: Non-Inverting

Vacuum Tube Complement: 2 ea – 6SL7 Head Amp 2 ea – 6SL7 RIAA EQ & Amp Gain Stage 1 ea – 5AR4 Vacuum Tube Rectifier (located in external power supply chassis)

AC Power Requirements: 100V-120V @ 50/60 Hz or 200V-240V @ 50/60 Hz

lwh: 127x432x330

Weight: 10000g

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