Lehmannaudio Black Cube SE

Introducing the Black Cube SE: The Ultimate Music Reproduction with Enhanced Power

Experience the unparalleled performance of our renowned Black Cube SE. Equipped with the highly potent PWX power supply, this classic Black Cube model takes music reproduction to new heights.

Imagine immersing yourself in the extraordinary richness and emotion of your favorite records. With the Black Cube SE, you can now elevate your listening experience to a whole new level. Brace yourself for intensified bass authority, incredibly smooth mid-range frequencies, and enhanced top-end sparkle and openness.

Unlock the true potential of your music collection with the Black Cube SE - the ultimate solution for complex, impressive, and emotionally captivating sound reproduction.


Discover the pinnacle of phono preamps with the Black Cube SE - a perfect blend of professionalism and emotional connection to your music. Crafted with components of the highest quality, this exceptional device ensures a low-noise reproduction that rivals even the finest studio electronics used in professional mixing consoles and microphone preamps.

With an impressive maximum gain of 66 dB, the Black Cube SE accommodates a wide range of systems, from high-output MM to MC. Each channel features a convenient slot for hassle-free installation of a custom impedance, and there's an additional hardwired plug-in location for immediate adjustment. We even offer complimentary resistors to perfectly match your personal system with the Black Cube SE, included with your order.

The meticulously designed passive RIAA filter network, situated between two linear gain stages, utilizes surge-proof and narrow-tolerance polypropylene foil capacitors, ensuring the purest transmission of transients, dynamics, and timbres. The audio section incorporates specialized modules to efficiently suppress hum, HF, and random voltages. By employing a double-sided audio board, we provide extra ground planes for interference-free operation.

The PWX power supply - Compact and Powerful
Experience the compact yet powerful PWX power supply, perfectly complementing the audio section of the Black Cube SE. By placing the device next to your turntable drive, you minimize cable length and eliminate any chance of acoustic degradation. The Neutrik XLR connectors, featuring gold-plated pins, ensure a secure and reliable connection between the audio section and the PWX power supply, while the shielded connection cable guarantees optimal performance. Both housings are meticulously crafted from non-magnetic aluminum, with mechanically dampened top lids, delivering an unrivaled listening experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of music with the Black Cube SE - the ultimate phono preamp that brings your favorite tunes to life.

Outer dimensions W x D x H
Audio section: 113 mm x 108 mm x 45 mm
PWX power supply: 93 mm x 233 mm x 45 mm

Audio section incl. cable to power supply: 0.4 kg netto
PWX power supply: 1.0 kg netto


Sensitivity for output level 775 mV/ 0 d: MM: 3.8 mV/1 kHz; MC: 0.38 mV/1 kHz

Gain 1 kHz: MM: 46 dB; MC: 66 dB

Maximum input level 1 kHz: MM: 45 mV; MC: 4,5 mV

Signal to noise ratio (RMS unweighted): MM: 71 dB; MC: 63 dB

Gain: 36 dB, 46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB

Channel separation: > 85 dB at 10 kHz

Input impedance: 47 kohms, 1 kohm, 100 ohms 1 x custom load 1 x hardwire slot

Output impedance: 47 ohms

Input capacitance: 100 pF

Channel mismatch: typ. 0.5 dB

Bass filter: 50 Hz, 6 dB/oct.

Power consumption: < 3 W

Product Type: Phono Stage

lwh: 113x108x45

Weight: 400g

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