Lehmannaudio Decade Jubilee

Phono stage. Experiencing music up close

At Lehmannaudio, we thrive on challenges. Our special ambition is to take something already excellent and make it even better in a transparent and sustainable way. Today, we are excited to introduce our Decade Jubilee phono amplifier, which impressively rivals our top-of-the-line model, the Silver Cube.

The Decade Jubilee elevates the playback of records to a new level, even for the most discerning audiophiles. It incorporates the entire passive RIAA network from its esteemed counterpart, the Silver Cube, resulting in captivating music reproduction. With its customizable options, the Decade Jubilee is capable of accommodating even the most unconventional cartridge setups, ensuring the perfect synergy between the pickup and the amplifier.

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Experience the captivating charm and lightheartedness that will deeply resonate with you.

Thanks to its robust discrete output stage, the Decade Jubilee boasts its impressive sonic capabilities, even when employing lengthy cables. The reproduction is exceptionally clear, capturing the minutest details, and characterized by effortless grace.

Furthermore, operating this device is a breeze. All essential functions can be conveniently toggled through the front panel of the audio section. Within the device, signals are routed independently for each channel, greatly enhancing the separation between them and ensuring minimal signal path lengths. As a result, you can immerse yourself in your music with a heightened sense of three-dimensionality and immediate realism, as if you were attending a live concert!

Supporting the audio section is the PWX II LC power supply, offering ample assistance. With a notable increase in the use of copper and an intricate capacitor upgrade, the revamped power pack now serves as an authoritative energy source. This enables the Decade Jubilee to handle transients even more swiftly. Both the audio section and the power supply rest upon the meticulously refined 3S feet, designed by Lehmannaudio, which bring tranquility and stability to the overall sound reproduction.

Irrespective of your musical preferences, the Decade Jubilee will captivate you with its exceptional clarity and leave a lasting emotional impact.


Sensitivity for output level 775 mV/ 0 d: MM: 3.8 mV/1 kHz; MC: 0.38 mV/1 kHz

Gain 1 kHz: MM: 46 dB; MC: 66 dB

Maximum input level 1 kHz: MM: 45 mV; MC: 4.5 mV

Signal to noise ratio (RMS unweighted): MM: 78 dB; MC: 69 dB

Gain: 36 dB, 46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB

Channel separation: > 80 dB at 10 kHz

Input impedance: 47 kohms, 1 kohm, 100 ohms 1 x custom load

Output impedance: 5 ohms

Input capacitance: 47 pF to 1,370 pF

Channel mismatch: typ. max 0.5 dB

Bass filter: 50 Hz, 6 dB/oct.

Power consumption: app. 13 VA

Product Type: Phono Stage

lwh: 110x280x50

Weight: 870g

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