Lehmannaudio Linear II

The Linear headphone amplifier, which has already achieved legendary status since 2004, has now been further improved with the introduction of the Linear II. This new model elevates the exceptional qualities of our reference amplifier to a whole new level.

When you listen to your music through the Linear II, you will experience an unprecedented level of clarity, allowing you to hear every intricate detail. Even at high signal levels, the amplifier maintains a sense of effortless lightness, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable listening experience. Additionally, the Linear II excels in reproducing complex musical compositions without any distortion or unwanted artifacts. It completely redefines the level of realism and liveliness in audio reproduction.

With the Linear II, you can indulge in extended listening sessions without experiencing fatigue, thanks to its exceptional performance. Every moment of your listening experience will be filled with immense pleasure and enjoyment.


Powerful, Dynamic, and Commanding

With the meticulously crafted pc board utilizing Low-Z copper technology, the already potent class-A output stage of the Linear II amplifier now delivers an even greater level of dynamism, bringing you closer to the essence of the music. The integration of Mundorf capacitors in both the power supply and signal path enhances the amplifier's ability to create an impressive soundstage and respond to transients with exceptional accuracy. To ensure optimal mechanical stability, the Linear II is equipped with 3S device feet, providing a quiet and undisturbed listening experience.

Whether you are enjoying music through headphones or connecting the Linear II to active speakers or a power amplifier, it consistently delivers outstanding performance. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by its punchy and authentic sound, which is truly exceptional for a device of its compact size!


Input Impedance: 47 kohms

Maximum Gain: 0 dB, 10 dB, 18 dB, 20 dB selectable via DIP switches

Frequency Response: 10 Hz (-0.3 dB) to 35 kHz (-1 dB)

Signal-to-noise ratio: > 100 dB at Gain 0 dB

THD: < 0,001 % at 6 mW/300 ohms

Channel separation: > 70 dB at 10 kHz

Output Power: 400 mW/60 ohms, 200 mW/300 ohms

Output impedance: pre-out 60 ohms, phones out 5 ohms

Connectors audio: Neutrik headphone jacks with gold plated contacts 1 x pre-out 2 x phones out gold plated RCA sockets with teflon insulation

Power Consumption: 10 W

Product Type: Headphone amplifier

lwh: 110x280x50

Weight: 1500g

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