Lehmannaudio StudioCube

Excellence in the studio and on stage

The StudioCube stands out as a compact headphone amplifier, ideal for personal monitoring in both studio and stage settings. Its nuanced, transparent sound and top-notch quality captivate even the most discriminating musicians and sound engineers. Equipped with professional-grade components and practical features, it delivers reliable performance and sparks creativity.


Input Impedance: 18 kohms, balanced

Gain settings: 6 db/12 dB (with jumper)

Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 40 kHz (-0.5 dB)

Signal to noise ratio: > 90 dB at gain

THD: < 0.02 % (0 dBu at 32 ohms)

Channel separation: > 70 dB at 10 kHz

Channel mismatch: < 0.3 dB at maximum volume

Output Power: 200 mW/33 ohms

Output impedance: 5 ohms

Maximum input level: +22 dBu

Maximum output level: +16 dBu

Connectors IN: 2 x XLR combo jack, balanced

Connectors THRU: 2 x TRS jack; 6.35 mm; balanced

Connectors headphones: 2 x stereo jack 6.35 mm

Operating voltage: 24 V DC/250 mA max.

Power Consumption: idle < 3 Wself-resetting fuse

Product Type: Headphone amplifier

Mains Voltage: 100 to 240 V AC50/60 Hz

Output Voltage: 24 V DC

Ountput Current: Maximum 420 mA

lwh: 130x132x45

Weight: 880g


"I've been shocked at how much the studio cube has been inspirational as a monitoring device. [...] I monitor at lower levels and more relaxing levels than I ever have before."
Paul Pilot, Producer
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