Lehmannaudio Decade

Introducing the Decade: An Exceptional Phono Stage

Are you searching for a remarkable phono stage that bridges the gap between the renowned Black Cube series and the esteemed Silver Cube? Look no further than our extraordinary creation, the Decade. This isn't just a temporary solution; it's a true high performer that surpasses expectations. With its state-of-the-art technology, it possesses the ability to captivate even the most discerning music enthusiasts, delivering an impeccable sound that transcends its price category.

Whether you find yourself continuously spinning your favorite LPs or embarking on a journey of exploration with unknown records, whether you prefer solitary listening sessions or revel in the company of a close-knit circle of music enthusiasts, the Decade will consistently impress. Its harmonious performance, filled with passionate temperament and precise contours, adapts effortlessly to any situation. We created the Decade with one goal in mind: to ignite your personal music fireworks and provide an unforgettable musical experience tailored specifically for you.


Audiophile all the way

Our meticulous selection of components for the Decade ensures exceptional quality. We have paid great attention to detail, employing input stages that guarantee incredibly low-noise reproduction. These input stages are not only found in top-of-the-line mixing consoles and microphone preamps used by professional studios, but they have also been chosen for their superior performance. To achieve precise and accurate sound reproduction, we have incorporated an ultra-precision passive RIAA equalization network between two linear gain stages. This network utilizes low-loss precision MKP capacitors, allowing transients, dynamics, and sonic timbres to reach the listener in their purest form.

In our continuous pursuit of enhancing your musical enjoyment, we have developed the PWX II power supply. This advanced power supply offers improved performance by delivering very low-noise DC voltages to the Decade. It features inductive elements strategically placed at critical points to minimize interference. Just like in the Silver Cube, the PWX II power supply is connected to the audio device using a shielded cable with Neutrik connectors. Furthermore, the PWX II power supply is backward compatible with the PWX power supply, allowing audio devices from the Black Cube series to be connected as well. To accommodate this, we have included a dedicated second output for your convenience.

"It has a wonderfully spacious sound, and is truly exceptional in this respect at the price, with fine dimensionality, dynamics and a very natural, airy treble."
Hi-Fi World


Sensitivity for output level 775 mV/ 0 d: MM: 3.8 mV/1 kHz; MC: 0.38 mV/1 kHz

Gain 1 kHz: MM: 46 dB; MC: 66 dB

Maximum input level 1 kHz: MM: 45 mV; MC: 4.5 mV

Signal to noise ratio (RMS unweighted): MM: 78 dB; MC: 69 dB

Gain: 36 dB, 46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB

Channel separation: > 80 dB at 10 kHz

Input impedance: 47 kohms, 1 kohm, 100 ohms 1 x custom load

Output impedance: 5 ohms

Input capacitance: 47 pF to 1,370 pF

Channel mismatch: typ. max 0.5 dB

Bass filter: 50 Hz, 6 dB/oct.

Power consumption: app. 13 VA

Product Type: Phono Stage

lwh: 110x280x50

Weight: 870g

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