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Chord Mojo 2. Mobile Joy in Your Hands - What Hi-Fi?

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Only a few reasonably priced products in the world of high-fidelity audio can truly be labeled as game-changers. However, in 2015, the Chord Mojo made a significant impact on the emerging market of portable DAC/headphone amplifiers, establishing itself as a notable contender. This palm-sized device, aptly named 'Mobile Joy,' pushed the boundaries of compact, on-the-go sound quality within its price range. It set a performance standard that remained largely unchallenged until its discontinuation in late 2021.
The highly anticipated successor, known as Mojo 2, has now arrived, boasting re-engineered features to maintain its position as the leading portable DAC. While the exterior appearance remains relatively unchanged, advancements have been made under the hood to enhance its capabilities.

The most significant improvement is the introduction of the 'UHD DSP' within the aluminum casing. This technology claims to be the world's first lossless digital signal processor. With the growing emphasis on lossless digital music reproduction, Chord's new 104-bit processor promises customizable digital-to-analog conversion without compromising sound quality.
The new processor has enabled several noteworthy features, including adjustable tonal settings across different frequency bands and a crossfeed function aimed at creating a more spacious soundstage akin to speakers. Chord's efforts to enhance sound accuracy involve eliminating coupling capacitors, introducing a new noise-shaper, and refining its 4e Pulse Array DAC.

The battery, a crucial element of portability, has also undergone a redesign. While Mojo 2 still charges via Micro USB, a new FPGA-based charging system ensures faster, more efficient, and cooler charging. The battery capacity has increased by nine percent, resulting in a battery life exceeding eight hours. To prolong the battery's lifespan, an improved Intelligent Desktop Mode prevents overcharging when connected to a charger for an extended period.
Adding to its versatility, Mojo 2 now features a USB-C input alongside existing input options like optical, micro USB, and 3.5mm coaxial. USB-C has gained popularity in portable devices, ensuring broader compatibility with devices like Android phones, Apple MacBooks, and iPads. The inclusion of USB-C aligns with the industry trend, although older devices can still connect to Mojo 2 via a Lightning-to-USB-C adapter.

The redesign also accommodates Chord's Poly streamer module, ensuring a seamless connection between the two devices. Another notable change is the addition of a menu system, which requires an extra button for navigation. This alteration allows for additional functionalities, although it may require a learning curve to master.
In terms of performance, Mojo 2 excels in numerous aspects. The soundstage is expanded, offering greater depth and resolution. Harmonic subtleties and tonal nuances are more distinct, resulting in a more neutral, lively, and captivating auditory experience. While the Mojo 2 can enhance a hi-fi system's performance, it's particularly suitable for those seeking a portable or desktop DAC within its price range.

For existing Mojo owners, the upgrade to Mojo 2 is strongly recommended due to the substantial improvements in sound quality and features. In a market filled with options, Chord has managed to elevate its affordable DAC to new heights, catering to both portable and hi-fi enthusiasts alike.
You can learn about the unique Chord Electronics Mojo 2 portable DAC/headphone amplifier here – Chord Mojo 2 in our website. This review is based on an article from the What Hi-Fi? website, specially written for MGY Hi-Fi.
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