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Suzi pre/power amps to join Chord Electronics' Hugo line

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Companion amp for Chord Electronics Hugo 2 DAC (and 2Go streaming module) made a world premiere at Munich High End Show this May. While availability is not expected until this autumn the concept attracted huge interest and is indeed original and forward-thinking.
Hugo line was conceived as a dual purpose tabletop/portable line. Currently it's comprising a battery-powered DAC/headphone amp Hugo 2, its clip-on streaming module 2Go, and another clip-on, 2Yu, which allows to use 2Go as a standalone battery-powered DAC-less digital streamer.
Chord Electronics CEO and amplifier designer John Franks envisioned an expansion of this popular and well-reviewed line with a technology he has been lately introducing in a very high end tier of Chord Electronics' amps: ULTIMA.
UlLTIMA technology uses original feed-forward circuits, custom made FET-transistors and high speed power supplies to achieve unbelievable technical performance and clear and transparent natural sound.
New amps in the Hugo line add modular flexibility to usage scenarios as well as space-saving elegant stacking.
The new concept is named Suzi and is composed of a versatile Suzi Pre preamplifier with phono stage built-in, and an ULTIMA technology Suzi power amp.
New usage scenarios thus include Suzi Pre/Suzi as a traditional analogue pre/power amp, Suzi amp with a Hugo 2 (or older Hugo) DAC as a digital pre/analogue power amp system, or modular streaming amp which will combine 2Go/Hugo 2 and Suzi.
Inclusion of high quality MM/MC phonostage in the Suzi Pre makes the Hugo system accept analogue vinyl playback immediately.
Further information will be available soon. Official launch in the UK is scheduled for autumn 2024.
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