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New Twenty5i Active Speakers from PMC

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New Twenty5i Active Speakers from PMC
Following Bristol Hi-Fi Show premier showing PMC (Professional Monitor Company) will soon introduce a new loudspeaker series bringing the advantages of an active speaker into domestic environment. Twenty5i active adds a PMC-designed amplification and crossover electronic module to a proven platform of the company's Twenty5i series.
Since a retro-fit active module essentially replaces the original Twenty5i passive crossover and input terminals assembly it also offers a clear upgrade path to the owners of passive Twenty5i speakers if they wish to use their speakers in active configuration.
What exactly is an active speaker?
Active speaker is something many computer users would be familiar with. It is a loudspeaker which has electronics inside (amplifier(s) and crossover), connects to a power supply and usually has line inputs only. Computer desktop speakers are, though, mostly diminutive in size and very basic in sound quality. On the contrary, another, less widely known, use for an active speaker implies it being of significant size and of very high sound quality. Recording, mixing and mastering studios all over the world have been using active speakers for many decades as a main quality tool for the producer and engineer. Studio Active speakers tend to be rather expensive due to additional reliability demands and are designed to work 24/7. PMC (Professional Monitor Company) is a renown supplier of active studio monitors to music and film studios worldwide and has been developing amplifier and crossover units for them in-house. For PMC it was a natural progression to apply their experience to a domestic hi-fi speaker which, in an active form, can be used in a compact high quality music system.
Main advantage of an active speaker is that the electronics can be fine tuned to the drive units allowing for an extremely clean, smooth and coherent sound unattainable with a passive crossover and external amplifier.
Which PMC models can be upgraded to active?
PMC designed a retro-fit dual amp with a two-way crossover module, so all two-way speakers in Twenty5i and older Twenty5 series can be upgraded: 21i/21, 22i/22, 23i/23 and 24i/24. The upgrade module is purchased at retail and the installation is very simple. The upgrade can be performed by owner or, if they wish, at dealer's (may incur labour costs). Each active module has a plug-in 'switch', which assures proper crossover tuning for the specific PMC speaker model.
Words from the designer
Oliver Thomas, commercial director, and head of design, explains the thinking behind the new Active series and upgrade kits: “Active amplification allows for superior control of the drive units within a loudspeaker, for absolute precision of their musical reproduction. It improves transient response through increased damping factor and reduces colouration for greater resolution and detail.” He continues: “Our active studio monitors, that create much of the world’s best music, have been built around our in-house designed amplifiers and active crossovers from day one and benefit from over 30 years’ experience. It is the best way to power a speaker and we know our audiophile customers are going to love the huge improvements in performance they will experience when they make the switch.”
Price and Availability
New Twenty5i Active speakers and Active Upgrade will be first introduced in the UK in April 2024 and will be released to other markets shortly after. Please watch this space for pricing and availability in your area.
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