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Fyne Audio SuperTrax omnidirectional supertweeter

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Patent pending supertweeter pursues ultimate music fidelity and sonic realism based on innovative engineering and new materials. Fyne Audio Supertrax achieves 360° sound dispersion using upwards-radiating Thin Ply Carbon Diaphragm (TPCD) with Tractrix phase plug for wave shaping.
Supertrax extends loudspeaker SPL frequency response to 60 kHz. It is a tempting upgrade option for Fyne Audio's IsoFlare-equipped point source loudspeakers like Classic, Vintage Classic and F1 series but also can be effectively used to improve the sound of conventional discrete speaker systems.
Why use supertweeters?
Is it for bats only? No, absolutely not. Human hearing is a sophisticated mechanism evolved to interpret a complex array of sound clues to perceive direction, loudness, timbre. Pitch definition is only a part of the picture, so using steady tones to measure hearing threshold has some academic merit, but can not describe a full sonic experience in the real life.
If an audio system is capable of faithfully reproducing sound spectrum above the so called threshold of hearing (16–20 kHz steady tone for young adults), this system is also faithfully reproducing other clues which our hearing apparatus expects from a natural sound source.
Unlike conventional supertweeters which have very sharp, beam-like, directivity of emanating sound Supertrax loads the room with ultrasonic energy evenly, in a 360 degree space. Combined with an extended frequency response this drastically reduces errors and distortion in the sound perceived at listener, achieving better transient performance, unaltered spatial and imaging clues, extended phase and group delay error-free range, natural timbres and tonal colour for all musical instruments not only high pitched ones.
There is a number of research and scientific articles describing the phenomena of extended frequency response beyond the steady tone 'hearing' range and Dr. Paul Mills of Fyne Audio is one of the major contributors to those studies for last 30 years or so. We intend to present a more extensive feature article on a subject of supertweeters and Supertrax in particular in the nearest future.
It is also important to understand that Fyne Audio Supertrax is a pioneering solution to bring true single source omnidirectional supersonics to a Hi-Fi speaker and it is a natural development of Fyne Audio's original BassTrax wave-shaping system scaled for ultra high frequencies spectrum.
How to use Supertrax
Supertrax should be used time-aligned with the acoustical radiation center of an IsoFlare driver and Fyne provides positioning recommendations (offset from front panel) for a variety of its own speakers. For traditional multi-driver speaker an optimum position for most cases would be at the front of the cabinet.
The supertweeter is to be placed on top panel and connected to the main speaker input terminals using high quality speaker cables. Rotary knob adjusts UHF level within ±3 dB range to fine tune user preferences and room acoustics.
Price and Availability
The Supertrax is handcrafted in Scotland and is due to be delivered to UK dealers in April, other markets will follow suit later. As soon as we have more information about price and availability this news article will be updated accordingly.
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