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PMC IB2 SE and Chord Electronics Ultima at our dealer Stereoplus LV in Riga
PMC or The Professional Monitor Company Ltd is a British privately owned company founded in 1991. As the name implies they have a strong presence in the professional studio monitor loudspeaker market where many of the biggest names in music or film industry rely on PMC monitors to create, record, mix or master music or soundtracks.

Very soon after establishing production PMC have got requests for domestic versions of their monitors and they gladly proceeded to develop home hi-fi products. There is no reason why the sound of a studio monitor should be much different from the sound of a domestic speaker: isn't it the same music that the producer hears at their studio and we enjoy at home?

The design approach PMC uses is also based on the same original developments no matter whether the speaker is to be offered for professional or domestic market.

Their version of transmission line bass loading has been honed for many years and bears the name of Advanced Transmission Line (ATL), a long acoustic labyrinth folded inside the speaker cabinet. Transmission line loading is hardly used by manufacturers other than PMC nowadays and there are reasons for that: a) the engineering is not straightforward and mostly based on experience; b) it costs more to manufacture than ported or closed enclosure. PMC's ATL also differs from initial transmission line ideas of the 70s because it uses very specifically profiled sound absorption material inside and, for most speakers, does not completely mute the output at the line's exit. As a very significant sonic benefit ATL gives much deeper bass, extends dynamics and generally allows the speaker sound much bigger than its size. ATL-enabled speakers also have a rare ability to deliver full and clear low bass regardless of volume, at low and high listening levels.

PMC designs and manufacturers its own drive units and has complete control over the production of every speaker at its own facilities in Biggleswade and Sandy.

For hi-fi market PMC currently produces a wide range of speakers. Flagship fact series include state-of-the-art fact fenestria and two other floorstanders, midrange twenty5i series have a variety of bookshelf and floorstanding speakers including an active subwoofer and a center channel, most of the twenty5i series are also available as active, with built-in amplifiers and electronic crossover. Recently introduced entry-level Prodigy series offer unbelievable value for a great sounding ATL-equipped budget speaker.

For Dolby Atmos or discrete installations PMC offers custom install (CI) on-wall and in-wall/in-ceiling speakers and a multichannel power amp. An integrated amp cor is also manufactured to match the PMC speakers in a stereo home system. For bigger homes some of the professional studio monitors are available in veneer finishes as SE series.
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