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Upgrade option for PMC fact Signature.8 and .12 speakers

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A very simple upgrade path is now available for owners of original PMC fact.8 and fact.12 loudspeakers. PMC (Professional Loudspeaker Company) has begun supplying its dealers worldwide with a Signature crossover upgrade. Every effort has been made to make the upgrade as simple as possible, so a single visit to your friendly PMC dealer will hopefully make your fact8 or fact12 speakers updated to Signature version in no time.
The PMC fact.8 and fact.12 loudspeakers were replaced by the Signature versions about 4 years ago as a result of extensive research carried out by PMC engineers during the development of the company's flagship loudspeaker, the mighty fact fenestria. Advanced laser measurement technology allowed PMC to control vibration in every part of the loudspeaker, including the crossover. All new signature crossovers for the fact.8 and fact.12 speakers feature specially selected components that are immune to vibration, while extensive damping is applied throughout the mounting hardware and PCB.
Eliminating vibration from the crossover essentially removes low-level modulation from the musical signal played through a speaker, so the benefits of the signature version were immediately apparent when listening to the upgraded speaker.
As the crossover in the original fact8 and fact12 speakers is mounted on a special plate accessible from the rear, the upgrade is a retrofit and requires no special skills or tools.
PMC fact.8 is a two-way system with two woofers, while fact.12 is a three-way system with two woofers and more complicated crossover, so the cost of the upgrade will differ between the models.

The Signature upgrade does not change the warranty of the original speaker and carries a separate 5 year warranty.
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