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Acoustic Signature TA-10000 Neo flagship tonearm

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Acoustic Signature TA-10000 Neo flagship tonearm
New Acoustic Signature TA-10000 Neo will crown an impressive line-up of in-house manufactured and precision engineered tonearms to be accommodated on your high end turntable.
Introduced at Munich High End Show in May the TA-10000 Neo is continuing to be built on the strength of innovative German mechanical engineering and uses all new precision bearings with ultra low friction. Through a process called DLC (Diamond Like Coating) where the metal surface is treated by vaporisation in vacuum the bearing is achieving targeted hardness and vanishingly low friction, claimed to be 50% lower then with other arm bearings in the market. Nanoparticle vacuum-deposited coating is also engineered to absorb vibrations.
Expertly combining technically contradictory qualities of low mass and high stiffness Acoustic Signature tonearms now cover a broad range of prices and applications starting from the entry-level TA-500 Neo and now crowned with the flagship TA-10000 Neo which will be available in 9'' and 12'' versions to fit the turntable of choice.
Price and availability will follow soon.
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