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Chord Electronics 2go firmware upgrade

New Firmware
Chord Electronics 2go firmware upgrade
This Thursday, 8th of February, at 11:00 GMT, a major firmware upgrade v.1.6.1 is rolling out publicly for all Chord Electronics 2go streaming devices. We advise all customers and dealers having stock of 2go to apply this update at their earliest convenience.
Why this update is important? Chord Electronics is transiting to a new internal server which will be maintaining all future firmware upgrades. This means direct control and better user experience. It will also specially benefit users in the countries which are behind regional firewalls and needed to use VPN connections for updating firmware. Please also note that the new server will eventually phase out the older servers. If the 2go unit is not updated to v1.6.1 firmware by then it may have difficulties connecting to a new server in the future.
So we urge customers and retailers to update their 2go devices to the new v.1.6.1. Watch instructions on YouTube or read below.
Chord Electronics 2go is a clip-on module providing Wi-Fi, Ethernet LAN and Bluetooth streaming capabilities to Chord Electronics Hugo 2 portable DAC. It enables versatile high resolution network audio, dual MicroSD card reader and music server in an extremely compact enclosure designed to fit Chord Electronics innovative battery-powered Hugo 2 DAC. An app (GoFigure App) configures 2go features. 2go can also be transformed into a standalone streaming transport unit by adding Chord Electronics 2yu, a digital output clip-on.
How to update 2go to the latest firmware

Open the Gofigure app and select your device. Ensure that your device is connected to an active internet connection via Wifi or Ethernet. You can check this by visiting the WiFi settings page.

Remove any Micro SD cards previously installed and connect your device to a charger. Please ensure the ‘charge status’ LED displays a solid white light.

Now, navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab. If you are on iOS device select the ‘Device settings’ page or, if you are on an Android device, select the ‘Update’ page. Following this, select the ‘Update firmware’ button. If an update is available, on-screen instructions will appear. Take note of these. If you wish to proceed with the update select ‘Yes’. The app will automatically close on OS and a loading screen will appear on Android.

Once an update has been initiated, the 2go 'status’ LED will begin flashing red, blue, and then green on a repeating cycle. This indicates that the device is downloading and installing the update. During this process you must leave the device undisturbed, for a minimum of 10 minutes, and do not disconnect the power, WiFi, or Ethernet cable. When the update procedure is near its end, 2go will automatically restart.

Once the charging status has returned to white, the network status returned to blue when using WiFi, or green when connected via Ethernet, 2go is updated and ready to be used.

If, following the update, the device does not appear as a DNLA renderer or server then please perform a reboot.
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