PMC fact.12 signature

More expansive listening environments can benefit from the extra drive offered by the three-way fact.12 signature.

Available Finishes: Fact White Silk, Fact Walnut, Fact Metalic graphite

Crossover Frequency: 400Hz, 4kHz

Drive Units: LF – 2 x fact 140mm (5.5") super-long-throw MF – 1 x fact 50mm (2") super clarity soft dome, ferro-fluid cooled HF – 1 x fact 19mm high-res, SONOMEX soft dome, ferro-fluid cooled

Effective ATL™ Length: 3.3m (11ft)

Frequency Response: 26Hz - 30kHz

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Input Connectors: 3 pairs 4mm PMC Ag terminals (Tri-amp or Tri-wire)

Sensitivity: 84dB 1W1m

Recommended Amp Power: 40 - 500W

Recommended Drive Unit Torque Settings: HF: 0.6Nm MF: 0.75Nm LF: 0.75Nm

Product Type: Speakers

lwh: 1110x168x420 mm

Weight: 26000 g



Unleash the Power of PMC's Fact Signature Loudspeakers for an Unparalleled Musical Experience

For years, audiophiles worldwide have turned to PMC's fact range, known for its exceptional quality. However, our commitment to innovation means we are always pushing boundaries. Our dedicated team of designers continuously explores new materials and techniques to enhance your musical journey.

Through meticulous refinement and the integration of key components from our flagship fact fenestria, we proudly introduce the fact signature models. These two- and three-way ATL™ loudspeakers take musicality and transparency to new heights, setting a benchmark for audio excellence. From the gentlest whispers to immersive levels that resonate through your being, the fact signature series delivers the true essence of music, preserving its authenticity without any additives or subtractions.

For larger listening spaces, the three-way fact.12 signature offers an elevated experience with its dedicated hand-built mid-range soft-dome, premium-quality bass drivers, ATL™ technology, and high-grade components sourced from the flagship fact fenestria. This speaker possesses an inherent ability to effortlessly create a sense of scale, projection, and clarity in your room. Vocals and instruments come alive, occupying distinct spaces so realistic that you can almost reach out and touch them. Whether you prefer a delicate ambiance or a powerful presence, the fact.12 signature ensures an enchanting musical encounter, delivering the pure magic of music without any alterations.

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