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Acoustic Signature
The Invictus Neo vinyl turntable represents the pinnacle of next-generation upgrades, or "Neo" enhancements, to the iconic and incredibly massive Invictus from the previous generation. It has achieved new levels of excellence through the introduction of the "indestructible" DTD support bearing, a diamond-polished platter axis, and the integration of six motors with synchronization and vibration suppression via the AVC Level 3 system. Despite the inclusion of integrated motors, the new Invictus Neo has managed to maintain a more compact form.

In its Neo version, the Invictus remains true to its Latin motto, "invictus," meaning unbeatable, and according to its creators, it confidently claims the title of the world's best vinyl turntable.


AC-motors: 6 (completely insulated)

Drive system: RPM-regulated double belt drive with speed fine adjustment for the subplatter

AVC: Level 3

Speed range: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM upgrade option

Power adapter: External digital motor controller DMC-20 with super stable power supply (100 V – 260 V AC, 50 / 60Hz.) (WxDxH: 24 x 22 x 6cm; 2.6 kg)

Control panel: Integrated

Bearing: High-precision Dura Turn Diamond® bearing

Tone arm base: Adjustable arm­base, exchangeable custom made armboards for various tonearms

Tone arm compati­bility: 9 to 12 inch

Maximum number of tone arms: 4

Platter: 50 mm anodized aluminum sandwich platter base with brass layer and Silen­cer modules (Ø 335 x 50 mm / 16.5 kg)

Silencer: 56

Chassis: Massive aluminum alloy

Feet: 3-point setup with 3D-printed magnetic double-damping feet

Product Type: Turntable

lwh: 710x710x270

Weight: 130g


Six Motors in Vibration-Isolated Compartments

The support platter of the Invictus is mounted on a small aluminum disc, which is where the rotation is effectively transferred via two belts (drive belts). Each of these belts is powered by three motors, positioned at 120° angles to each other, ensuring a smooth and jerk-free belt movement, while also reducing the load on the bearing caused by the drive. Two sets of motors enhance this effect and provide sufficient torque to set the 19-kilogram support platter in motion. An electronic startup system assists the motors in accelerating the platter to its nominal speed within 10 seconds, after which the motor power is reduced by approximately 70%, as full power is no longer required for stable rotation. Consequently, during playback, the motors operate optimally without generating vibrations.

Three Damped Supports

The three-point stable support system utilizes a new foot design with magnetic suspension.

Vibration Dampers

As far back as 2000, Acoustic Signature introduced and implemented a novel system for damping vibrations on the main platter (where the record is placed). This system of inserts (vibration dampers) operates simply and with remarkable effectiveness.
It is well-known that parasitic vibrations can reach the platter through various pathways, and their sources are diverse as well. Even the stylus of the phono cartridge vibrates as it tracks the grooves, and its "sound" becomes clearly audible when you bring your ear close to the spinning vinyl. Naturally, the vibrations from the stylus do not merely dissipate into the air; they also propagate back into the record and then into the support platter. The back-and-forth reflections of the useful signal are once again picked up by the stylus, leading to a distinct "phase muddiness" – a minor but perceptible coloration of the sound.
In cases where music is playing in the room or other sounds are present, a second pathway for vibrations to enter the turntable is through the air. Airborne waves induce vibrations in the support platter, the vinyl record itself, and the turntable's chassis. The phono cartridge stylus, by its very nature, serves as a vibration sensor and incorporates these parasitic vibrations into the useful electrical signal. These vibrations obscure micro-details, musical nuances, and the subtleties of the acoustic ambiance captured in the recording.
Cylindrical inserts strategically placed in specific sectors effectively disrupt the path of parasitic vibrations, absorbing and dissipating their energy, preventing it from reaching the phono cartridge. Here are the vibration measurements, conducted using an Audio Precision measurement station, on an aluminum support platter with a 50mm thickness – one without dampers and the other with 8 dampers. In the first graph (in red), high-Q resonances are clearly visible at frequencies ranging from 2200 to approximately 15 kHz. In the second graph (in green), the vibration spectrum is even and exhibits extremely low amplitude. The vibration dampers' effectiveness exceeds 80 dB!
In the Invictus support platter, the first group of ring-shaped dampers comprises 24 inserts, while the second group, situated closer to the platter's edge, consists of 32 inserts.

Finishes: Available in silver or black anodization, with the option for "gold" on the middle sub-chassis upon request.

Comes with a mounting platform designed to accommodate any tonearm with a standardized length ranging from 9 to 12 inches (the mounting type is selected during the ordering process). We highly recommend Acoustic Signature tonearms.

As an additional option, you can have up to three more tonearm platforms installed, allowing for a total of four tonearms.
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