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The love of live music and BIG sound is what drew us to the industry. We loved that awesome feeling you get at a music festival and wanted to replicate it at home. We personally oversee every life of our Hi-Fi & High End project to ensure you get the best possible outcome for you.

MGY team
Turnkey projects - from equipment
to room acoustics
In our portfolio there are the world's leading brands, components of different classes and budgets
Rich experience in organizing logistics and communication with customers
Ready-made solutions
Why we?
Burning eyes
The team in love with music
and quality sound
Our brand portfolio
“Through music we may wander where we will be in time and find friends in every century”
See how we help making musical connections

carefully and promptly

We will process your application, organize the supply chain and deliver the audio equipment.

We specialize in the delivery of Hi-Fi components and systems.

Besides we are happy to help you solve other logistical issues.

Promote your business efficiently and smartly

Our Hi-Fi aesthetic gallery

“Too bad people can’t always be playing music, maybe then there wouldn’t be any more wars.”
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Oliver
Photo by Leo
Photo by Paul
Photo by Lea
Photo by Fabrice
Photo by Alex
Photo by Adam
Photo by Arnaud
Photo by Leopold
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