Acoustic Signature Tango Mk3

Acoustic Signature
Experience High-Quality Sound with the Acoustic Signature Tango MK3 Phono Preamplifier

The Acoustic Signature Tango MK3 phono preamplifier is a powerhouse that delivers exceptional performance. Its resonant-optimized and anti-magnetic chassis is constructed from a solid aluminum block, ensuring durability and superior sound quality. The double-sided circuit board is exclusively equipped with high-quality components from renowned manufacturers, utilizing SMD design to keep signal paths as short as possible.

To maintain absolute power stability and prevent any interference with the phono signal, our oversized power supply is positioned externally. The RIAA equalization of the Tango MK3 provides remarkably precise values, deviating by less than 0.2 dB from the ideal curve. The intricate circuit design incorporates additional local electrolytic capacitors for stabilization and an effective subsonic filter, resulting in minimal distortion and maximum reduction of hum and noise.

The Tango MK3 also offers versatile customization options. With selectable gain and a DIP switch for load impedance configuration, it accommodates various adjustment preferences for many MC and all MM cartridges.

At Acoustic Signature, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional audio experiences, and the Tango MK3 exemplifies our commitment to providing high-quality sound reproduction. Experience the difference with the Tango MK3 phono preamplifier.

Amplification: MM: 40 ­dB, MCH/MCL: 60­ dB

Input Connections: RCA, MM/MC selectable

Output Connections: unbalanced RCA

Operation voltage (internal power supply: 24­ V­ DC

Channel separation: > 89­ dB (1­ kHz)

RIAA-accuracy: ±­0.2 ­dB

Signal to noise ratio: MM: 83 ­dB, MC: 65­ dB

Subsonic filter: yes

Finish: Silver (anodized)

Warranty: 2 years

Product Type: Phono Stage

lwh: 162x98x57 mm

Weight: 2100 g

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