Chord Electronics Ultima 5

Chord Electronics' ULTIMA 5: The Future of High-Fidelity Audio Amplification

Chord Electronics' ULTIMA 5 emerges from the acclaimed legacy of the SPM 1200 MK II, introducing the advanced ULTIMA circuit topology to blend superior performance with value. Delivering 350 watts of power, it's designed to effortlessly drive a wide range of loudspeakers.

Featuring innovative dual-feed-forward error-correction and ultra-high-frequency power supplies, the ULTIMA 5 achieves rapid response and dynamic performance, enhancing musicality with its 32 proprietary MOSFET power devices. This ensures detailed sound reproduction with unmatched clarity and precision.

The amplifier showcases a modern design with a CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminium fascia, a 28-mm thick front panel, and a distinctive illuminated power button, all reflective of John Franks' contemporary design ethos. Functionality meets form with balanced and unbalanced inputs, high-quality loudspeaker terminals, a 12 V trigger, and a C-19-type IEC connector.

Chord Electronics' ULTIMA 5 represents the pinnacle of audio amplifier technology, promising unparalleled sound quality and a visually stunning addition to any audiophile's collection.
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