Chord Electronics Ultima 3

ULTIMA 3 Amplifier: Celebrating 30 Years of Audio Mastery with Chord Electronics

As Chord Electronics commemorates its 30th anniversary, it proudly introduces the ULTIMA 3, a testament to the company's commitment to making its esteemed ULTIMA amplifier technology more accessible. This new model is a nod to the legacy of the ULTIMA series, offering an unparalleled mix of performance and aesthetic appeal.

Sporting a powerful 480-watt output, the ULTIMA 3 is revitalized with an updated design that includes a solid aircraft-grade aluminum panel and an eye-catching illuminated power button. This modern look is customizable through adjustable lighting settings and available in either Jett Black or Argent Silver, with further personalization options through the Integra Leg system or chic acrylic side blocks.

Emphasizing its adaptability, the ULTIMA 3 boasts a wide range of connectivity features, including both balanced and unbalanced inputs, superior loudspeaker terminals, a 12V trigger, and a C-19-type IEC connector, ensuring seamless integration into diverse audio systems. The ULTIMA 3 encapsulates Chord Electronics' ongoing innovation, bridging three decades of unparalleled sound technology with contemporary design.
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