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Chord Electronics
2 Yu digital Input/Output interface allows to configure 2go streaming network bridge as a standalone network transport. Usage scenarios for Chord Electronics 2yu :
  • Hardware add-on for Chord Electronics 2go streamer. 2Go+2Yu may be used as a standalone digital streaming transport, battery-powered or mains-connected
  • Standalone digital I/O interface converter for USB-Audio output of a Windows/Mac laptop. USB-Audio can be converted to RCA/BNC/Toslink SPDIF digital audio.
To use with Chord Electronics 2go both devices must be docked. Locking pins (included) should be used for safe & secure connection.

Chord Electronics 2yu hardware upgrades 2go with the following functionality:
TOSLINK optical S/PDIF, coaxial and BNC (both 75 ohms) digital outputs, plus a cleverly integrated USB-A output.;
integrated sample rate converter, plus a low-jitter audio phase lock loop for use with any DAC other than Hugo 2;
Discreet multiroom solution for custom installers since the unit i: the duo can be used with Roon wired into an Ethernet port to provide streaming to a system in any room.

Design features:
hand-made in the UK using aircraft-grade aluminium;
hgih resolution audio with up to 768 кГц sampling rate, 2,000 MIPS (million instructions per second) of processing power;
ultra-low jitter.

Like the Hugo 2, 2yu features four polychromatic spherical controls governing output selection, power, mute and dim functions.

Product Type: Streamer

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2yu comes with a three-year warranty that covers defects in materials and
workmanship through fair wear and tear.
• Register your 2yu via the Chord Electronics website:
• Registering your product helps us to provide you with the best possible after-sales support.
In the unlikely event of a claim, you must first contact your supplying dealer.
The warranty is transferable with proof of purchase, however, the warranty on ex-demonstration units begins from the retailer‘s date of purchase.


Dimensions with 2go 115 mm x 100 mm x 22 mm
Weight 2yu 206 g
Weight 2go + 2yu 362 g
Inputs 2 x Mirco USB for 2go only
Input power Micro USB 5 V 2 A (required via 2go)
USB Type-A (44.1 kHz-768 kHz / DSD
BNC coax (44.1 kHz-384 kHz /DSD 64)
RCA coax (44.1 kHz-384 kHz /DSD 64)
Optical (44.1 kHz-192 kHz / DSD 64)
Automatic downsampling
Automatic downsampling is applied if the selected output does not support the input sample rate.
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