Chord Electronics Ultima Pre 2

Chord Electronics' ULTIMA PRE 2: The Pinnacle of Preamplification

Chord Electronics' ULTIMA PRE 2 redefines preamplifier excellence, crafted to elevate top-tier stereo systems with unparalleled engineering. It preserves audio signals with zero colouration, thanks to aerospace-derived switch-mode power supply technology and ultra-low-noise circuitry, achieving a noise floor of -130dB for pure, unaltered sound.

With extensive connectivity, the ULTIMA PRE 2 features eight inputs (four XLR and four RCA), all gain-matched and selectable, alongside XLR and RCA outputs for compatibility with stereo amplifiers or mono blocks. A high-resolution headphone output ensures premium personal listening experiences.

Equipped with three system-triggering outputs for easy activation of connected devices, the ULTIMA PRE 2 combines supreme audio fidelity with user-friendly operation, setting a new standard in high-end preamplification.
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