Gold Note CD-10

Gold Note
High Performance CD Player

Introducing the CD-10, a superb addition to our 10 Series electronics—a modern CD player crafted for compact high-end systems to bring the magic of music into your living room.

Rediscover your CD collection with our new CD player. It will make you fall in love with your favorite artists all over again. Select a CD, load it, sit back, press play, close your eyes, take a breath, and let the music fill the room and touch your heart.

Each disc will unveil nuances you’ve never heard before, delivering the joy and pleasure of true high-quality listening. The CD-10 is the ultimate expression of the art of sound reproduction, a masterpiece designed to keep you engaged and enjoying music for hours.

As a modern digital source, the CD-10 can be easily controlled via its ultra-clear touchscreen display, rotary knob, or multifunction remote. With both digital inputs and outputs, it’s incredibly versatile. The precision CD mechanism is engineered for high-performance audio, extracting every bit of information from the disc to create a pure digital signal stream. This stream is fed into the premium AKM AK4493 D/A converter, renowned for its unmatched quality.

The stream is converted into an analogue signal with incredible musicality and richness, preventing distortion while preserving its dynamic range to deliver a detailed and lifelike sound.

Every component—from the mechanical chassis to the electronic circuits—has been meticulously chosen and tested to achieve the best sound quality, lowering the noise floor to a minimum so you can enjoy the subtlest of details.

Enhance your CD-10 with the PSU-10 EVO external power supply, which further elevates the player’s performance, revealing even finer details, powerful sound, and refined presentation.
Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and Outputs

1x Coax S/PDIF 24bit/192kHz
1x TOS-Link 24bit/192kHz

1x unbalanced RCA (2Vrms)
1x balanced XLR (2Vrms)

1x Coax S/PDIF 24bit/192kHz
1x TOS-Link 24bit/192kHz



CD Player: CD transport with integrated D/A converter


Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz @ +/-0.3dB

THD: 0.001% max

Signal to noise ratio: 128dB

Dynamic range: 127dB

Finishes: Gold, Black, Silver

Product Type: CD Player

Product Type: DAC

Volume control: Digital, Switchable ON/OFF

Mechanism: High-precision loader by Stream Unlimited

Disc compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-RW

lwh: 200x80x260

Weight: 4000g

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