Gold Note

The story of Gold Note is a testament to dedication and talent. Like all great business success stories, it involves a vast community of people whose paths converge at the magnificent headquarters nestled in the Florentine hills. Every day, these individuals bring their skills and abilities together to achieve one shared goal: perfecting the Italian sound.

At the heart of this story is Maurizio Aterini. In the late 1970s, an eight-year-old Maurizio experienced a life-changing moment when his father brought home a stereo system. This event sparked his lifelong passion for audio reproduction systems. Initially, it was a simple interest shared with many of his peers, but over time, it grew into a deep fascination. By the 1980s, Maurizio was a young man studying engineering at university.

The year 1992 marked a pivotal moment in Maurizio's journey. He decided to challenge himself by founding a technical design studio for third parties. During these years, he designed a specific tonearm that remains a staple of Gold Note turntables to this day: the B-5. This model, with its precise weight distribution along the longitudinal axis, ensures a perfectly balanced configuration.

Experience the legacy of Italian craftsmanship and innovation with Gold Note.

Meet Gold Note, the Italian High-End brand based in Florence

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