„If you really only stream MP3s digitally for a while, the music becomes actually dead and you lose the feeling for how music can really be, how emotional it can be. If you really want to enjoy music consciously and feel it, you can only do that in analogue.“

Rekkord Audio

Rekkord Audio turntables are handcrafted in our production workshop located in St. Georgen, Germany, nestled within the Black Forest. Our product expertise is rooted in a tradition spanning nearly a century, originating from St. Georgen and making a significant impact on the global market. Each component, from screws to springs, is meticulously assembled and fine-tuned through numerous steps to ensure the highest sound quality.

One of our company's highlights is our automatic turntables, a technology that has been refined over decades and is fully produced and assembled on-site, down to every individual part.

Nearly all (99%) of our components are sourced locally, from within the region, thanks to a network of suppliers steeped in the record player tradition. This longstanding relationship allows us to craft turntables of unparalleled quality, evident in all our products. While this foundation is most apparent in our automatic turntables, it also extends to the tonearm technology of Rekkord's manual turntables, showcasing our commitment to excellence across the board.
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