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Welcome to Chord Electronics, an extraordinary breed of Hi-End sound devices that present the music in its purest and unaltered form. In Chord’s pursuit of resolution and absolute clarity, they develop multi-award-winning proprietary processes without compromise – the technology at the apogee of its game.

It is these very same processes which afford them the ability to question how you can enjoy Chord products the most. This is why when you experience company’s designs, they are unapologetically unique: they don’t follow convention, they provide extraordinary sound and a mechanical design to suit your lifestyle.
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Product Range

    Introducing our newest range, Mobile. This is our pocketable and truly portable device range with a single modular DAC/headphone amp at its heart, supported by a range of modules and accessories.
    Qutest is our most compact standalone range with unique casework that sets it apart from other Chord Electronics ranges. With big-box performance from a bijou package, the Qutest range is at home both in desktop and home system environments where it brings the very latest technologies to partnering devices.
  • HUGO
    Hugo is our most powerful and flexible portable/tabletop DAC/headphone amp range. We've combined elements from our reference DAC technology with the latest battery advances and added a comprehensive input and output selection, to introduce the benefits of a full-size system, but in a convenient and compact chassis.
    The Table Top range merges technological influences from both the multi-award winning Hugo and Choral ranges. It presents class leading products for headphone listeners, along with legendary Chord Electronics amplification performance for users where space is at a premium.
    For those who demand the power and resolution that only Chord Electronics' components can deliver and need a more design-led aesthetic, the compact Choral range is sure to set hearts racing. The stylishly beautiful Choral line offers an entire ecosystem with extraordinary flexibility, performance and visual appeal.
    The ULTIMA range is effortlessly powerful and wonderfully transparent. Benefitting from the latest proprietary Chord Electronics amplifier technologies, plus the classic industrial aesthetic, the ULTIMA range enjoys legendary status amongst music lovers and studio professionals worldwide. Class-leading performance and durability come as standard.
    The flagship ULTIMA Reference range offers our finest engineering, performance and sound quality. The products encompass the best of our expertise and proprietary technologies and demonstrate what can be achieved with a true no-compromise approach to design. ULTIMA Reference offers music playback with nothing added and nothing taken away.
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