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The key member of the team, John Jefferis, founder and designer, brings with him a wealth of knowledge acquired through extensive experience in Acoustic Sound Engineering, Electronics, Computing, and Cabinet-Making industries. It's this uncommon amalgamation of skills that underpins MJ's exceptional distinctiveness.

Today, MJ Acoustics boasts one of the fastest-growing product ranges in the entire high-end HiFi sector. With steadfast international partnerships spanning the globe and recognition from numerous high-end audio and home theater magazines, our fundamental reliability stands as a cornerstone of our strengths. This is complemented by a distinctive design philosophy that yields the most melodious and dynamically resonant subwoofers currently available. As the sole 100% British-owned specialist dedicated to manufacturing subwoofers, MJ Acoustics encompasses that quintessential British touch, coupled with meticulous attention to the finest and minutest of details.

MJ Acoustics takes pride in being the singular, fully British-owned, dedicated subwoofer manufacturer operating today. As such, we guarantee that ultimate touch and thorough attention to the minutiae that are indispensable for achieving the pinnacle of musicality and fostering a sense of ownership.
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In 2017, MJ Acoustics witnessed the unveiling of an exceptionally impressive communication system bridging the Sub-Bass System and the remote control device. Dubbed SMART REMOTE, this innovation leverages peer-to-peer wireless connectivity to link a smart device with an MJ Smart Remote-enabled Sub-Bass System.

No need for cables, as it offers seamless remote control that stays inconspicuous, while enabling active two-way communication between the subwoofer and the display on your handheld device. Setting up a subwoofer can now be accomplished effortlessly and with newfound enjoyment right from your listening position. Moreover, you can conveniently group multiple subwoofers and simultaneously adjust them all at once.

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  • Home Theatre Series
  • Reference Series
  • Reference Radial Series
  • Master Class Series
It's easy to assume that if your equipment offers both XLR and RCA connections, the XLR option will provide superior audio quality. However, this isn't always the case and depends on several factors.

The XLR connection carries a balanced signal. The "hot" pin carries the signal, the "cold" pin carries an inverted signal (a mirrored version of the "hot" signal), and the third pin is for grounding. In recording studios, where lengthy cable runs are often required to transmit the low voltages produced by microphones over extended distances (around 10+ meters), this balanced setup cancels out any noise common to both the hot and cold pins.

In a Hi-Fi system, where the longest interconnect is usually between 0.5 to 1.5 meters, the advantages of XLR connections are debatable.

However, the most crucial aspect is sound quality, which is harder to determine. Based on our extensive experience, there are source components in a system, such as CD players or AV preamplifiers, where the XLR connection offers a superior sound compared to the RCA connection. Conversely, there are cases where the opposite is true, and the RCA connection delivers a better sound.

Therefore, if your system supports both XLR and RCA connections, we recommend trying both and deciding for yourself which connection sounds better for your specific source component.
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