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Since 1985, Chord Company has been a leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio and video cables in England. These cables are far from being mere accessories; they play a crucial role in any system setup, making the right cable selection more vital than ever. Whether you need the appropriate interconnect, power, or speaker cable, it can truly transform your music and movie experience, elevating your enjoyment.

Our dedicated team at Chord Company comprises passionate music enthusiasts, music creators, movie buffs, and gamers. Over the years, we have steadily grown in both size and reputation, operating from our purpose-built headquarters near the historic Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Our international acclaim comes from our commitment to crafting high-performance, value-for-money products suitable for any system and budget level.
Chord Cables in the Store
The Chord Company traces its roots back to 1984 when a group of Naim Audio USA retailers requested a high-quality DIN-to-RCA interconnect during a dinner in Salisbury. At the time, Sally Gibb, married to a Naim Audio executive, proposed the idea of manufacturing the cables and starting a business, which Naim Audio supported. Thus, the journey to create cables for the American market began.

Given that Americans referred to cables as 'cords,' the name "The Chord Company" was a fitting choice due to its musical associations, and it quickly became the official name. Sally took charge, designing the logo, packaging, and conducting prototype testing. Even though the sourcing of quality materials inside the Kingdom has proved challenging, the company has seen it crucial to emphasize the British design and construction. However, after days of searching, suitable suppliers were found, and friends at Naim Audio offered invaluable expertise and assistance in building the cables.

The first prototype, dubbed "Chrysalis Cable," garnered significant interest, with an initial order of 250 units from the American retailers. Cables were meticulously built, tested, and carefully packaged before being dispatched via the Post Office. Invoices were typed on a typewriter, reflecting the early days of the company's operations. After two successful years, The Chord Company received its first press review by Malcolm Steward, and from there, the business started to gain momentum, with the phones ringing off the hook.

Product Range

  • C-series
    Affordable, high-performance cables that defy being labeled as mere "entry level." These cables definitively prove the significant impact cables can have on audio performance.
  • Clearway
    While some companies strive to create the most expensive hi-fi systems in the world, there are others focused on crafting high-quality, musical digital players, and DACs at prices that present genuine bargains. This principle also extends to amplifiers and speakers. Assembling an affordable yet effective system is entirely feasible. We have witnessed the impressive sound quality that these systems can achieve, and in response, the Clearway cable range has been scrupulously designed to provide cables that match this level of performance.
  • Shawline
    Introducing the Shawline range, which includes a dedicated tone arm cable, mini-jack options, HDMI AOC, power cables with multiple connector choices, speaker cables, and various digital connections. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you'll experience top-notch performance across all audio and video connections.
  • Epic
    Epic, a beloved Chord Company classic, is flawlessly hand-built in the UK and holds a genuine audiophile heritage. While bearing a resemblance to our Shawline cable in design, Epic takes it a step further with heavier gauge, silver-plated conductors and enhanced internal geometry. True to its name, Epic incorporates our exclusive ARAY technology and has now been further intensified with the latest XLPE insulation, where applicable.
  • Signature
    Experience a revelation in musical coherence with a clear focus on prioritizing performance above all else. Signature, introduced in 1998, marked our inaugural interconnect to implement substantial shielding. The creation of Signature stemmed from meticulous research into high-frequency interference, and its groundbreaking design has significantly influenced the development of all our subsequent cables. Each Signature cable is punctiliously assembled by hand, a process that enables further refinement through the application of our exclusive ARAY technology.
  • Sarum T
    Chord Sarum marked a pivotal moment that revolutionized everything. It was the birthplace of our groundbreaking Tuned/Super ARAY conductor geometry, and undoubtedly, one of the most thrilling endeavors we've undertaken. Sarum T represents the latest iteration of this award-winning cable range and showcases our exceptional Taylon® insulation technology.

The Chordmusic Range

Our mission is clear: to create cables that flawlessly transmit analogue or digital signals, while always keeping the true essence of musical engagement at the forefront. We believe in preserving the emotional connection, that sense of "being there," capturing the essence of timbre, melody, and rhythm. Above all, we aim to deliver the profound satisfaction and sense of well-being that music brings to our lives.

ChordMusic cables achieve this extraordinary feat through a perfect blend of cutting-edge shielding materials, expertly engineered connectors, revolutionary Super ARAY conductor technology, and our exclusive Taylon® insulation. No amount of technical jargon can adequately capture the remarkable impact of our cables - you have to experience it to believe it!
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