Gold Note Tuscany Red

Gold Note
Unparalleled Musical Experience: The Tuscany Series

Experience Sonic Excellence with Tuscany Cartridges
Discover the Tuscany series, designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning audiophiles. These exceptional cartridges set a new standard for quality, featuring an ultra-thin stylus and a Micro Ridge diamond, developed in collaboration with Adamant-Namiki, the world's premier high-precision diamond producer. This exclusive cut ensures flawless contact with vinyl grooves, delivering unmatched audio performance.

Precision and Performance
The gold-plated long connectors ensure optimal contact with the tonearm’s cinch, preserving the signal and enhancing grounding to faithfully reproduce every musical nuance. Available in two models—Gold and Red—Tuscany cartridges boast precious coils made from silver and copper, respectively.

Handmade in Italy for Hi-End Analogue Purity
When paired with the B-7 Ceramic X tonearm and the Mediterraneo X turntable, the Tuscany series represents the pinnacle of Hi-End analogue audio. Each component is meticulously handmade in Italy, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship and sonic purity.

Enhance your listening experience with the Tuscany series and immerse yourself in the finest analogue sound.


Type: MC Low Output Phono Cartridge

Output level: 0.35mV

Frequency response: 10-50000Hz

Impedance: 20Ω

Suggested load: > 200Ω

Compliance: 10×10-6cm/dyne

Product Type: Cartridge

Channel separation: > 30dB

Suggested tracking weight: 1.8g to 2.1g

Cantilever: Boron

Diamond: Micro Ridge

Body: Duralumin 7000 alloy black with red logo

Magnet: Samarium-Cobalt

Weight: 11g

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