Gold Note P-1000 MKII Deluxe

Gold Note
Cutting-Edge Technology for the Class A Preamplifier for True Music Aficionados

The P-1000 MkII is a state-of-the-art Class A preamplifier designed for high-end audio systems, featuring an innovative six-stage ultra-balanced design with relays and an ALPS optical encoder volume control. It includes three independent linear power supplies and offers 8 stereo inputs: 4 fully balanced XLR and 4 RCA.

This preamplifier provides numerous advanced features such as Mono/Stereo selection, left/right channel swap, absolute phase swap, Booster technology, and excellent left/right balance.

The Deluxe version of the P-1000 MkII is equipped with noise-canceling coils and capacitors on the six output stages, inspired by military technologies and secured with custom copper clips.

For the perfect reproduction of even the oldest recordings, the preamplifier can be set in both Mono and Stereo modes and supports playback of inverted recordings. The absolute phase shift (0°/180°) feature is particularly useful when integrating the preamplifier into your system.

The P-1000 MkII's Booster technology enhances speaker performance by boosting energy emission in specific low-frequency ranges, with the option to bypass this function when not needed.

User-friendly with a clear color display, the P-1000 MkII allows for precise and quick adjustments via the front panel knob or remote control.
Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and Outputs

4x RCA unbalanced
4x XLR balanced

RCA – nominal 2Vrms, max up to 5Vrms
XLR – nominal 2Vrms, max up to 10Vrms

100kΩ XLR & RCA

2x RCA unbalanced
2x XLR balanced
1x TUBE-1012

Max up to 20Vrms on XLR & 10Vrms on RCA

< 50Ω XLR & RCA


Frequency response: 2Hz – 200kHz @ ± 3dB

THD: < 0.001% @ 1kHz

Gain: +19dB

Signal to noise ratio: 110dB

Channel separation: > 118dB

Chanel Left/Right: Selectable swap

Mono/Stereo: Yes

Absolute Phase: 0°/180°

Booster: 3 adjustable levels (by-passable/off)

Volume: 100 steps

Remote Control: Included – IR receiver on front and back

Finishes: Gold, Black, Silver

Product Type: Preamplifier

lwh: 430x135x375

Weight: 11000g

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