Gold Note Vasari Red

Gold Note
The New Generation MM Cartridge

Vasari’s innovative design is the result of extensive research and development aimed at creating a high-performance MM cartridge. The body is crafted from a single machined piece of solid aluminum 7000 alloy, ensuring high damping power. This is complemented by an ultra-light aluminum cantilever, inserted directly into the body to minimize any unwanted vibrations, allowing Vasari to extract even the finest details from the vinyl groove.
Vasari is available in three models:

  • Shibata: Featuring a Shibata stylus
  • Gold: Featuring an elliptical stylus
  • Red: Featuring a conical stylus


Type: MM cartridge

Output level: 4mV

Frequency response: 15-25000Hz

Impedance: 1000Ω

Suggested load: 47kΩ

Compliance: 10×10-6cm/dyne

Product Type: Cartridge

Channel separation: >20dB

Suggested tracking weight: 2g

Cantilever: Aluminium

Diamond: Conical, 15.5μm

Coil wire: Copper

Magnet: Alnico

Mounting hole diamond: 9mm

Body: Photopolymer resin black with red logo

Weight: 7g

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