Gold Note Donatello Red

Gold Note
The Best in Its Class

The Donatello is the top MC cartridge in its class. Featuring a robust yet ultra-lightweight aluminum structure, the body weighs just 7 grams, making it compatible with any tonearm and capable of delivering optimal sound performance in any system.

Developed through sophisticated computer modeling, its optimized design minimizes weight and reduces vibrations, allowing the cantilever to achieve exceptional tracking capability. The high-precision Micro Elliptical diamond ensures that every musical detail is captured.

*The Donatello cartridges are available in two versions: the Gold, with low output (0.5mV), and the Red, with high output (1.8mV), making them compatible even with MM phono stages.


Type: MC High Output Phono Cartridge

Output level: 1.8mV

Frequency response: 10-35000Hz

Impedance: 140Ω

Suggested load: 47kΩ

Compliance: 12×10-6cm/dyne

Product Type: Cartridge

Channel separation: 24dB

Suggested tracking weight: 1.8g to 2.1g

Cantilever: Aluminium

Diamond: Micro Elliptical

Coil wire: Copper

Magnet: Samarium-Cobalt

Mounting hole diamond: 9mm

Body: Duralumin alloy red with white logo

Weight: 7g

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