Gold Note PSU-10 EVO

Gold Note
Dedicated External Power Supply for DS-10 EVO and DS-10

The PSU-10 EVO was developed using premium components specifically selected for high-quality audio applications, designed to enhance the performance of all DS-10 models (DS-10/DS-10 PLUS, DS-10 EVO/DS-10 EVO LINE). Featuring a 4-transformer power supply stage with low-noise voltage regulators, the PSU-10 EVO ensures optimal power delivery. Three of the transformers are dedicated solely to the power supply, while the fourth supports the inductive filter.

The Dual Choke Hybrid technology includes an inductive filter on the analogue stage, powered by a dual inductor driving both the positive and negative high-current stages. This setup expertly filters the current, eliminating interference and noise from the AC power supply, ensuring perfect isolation and creating the ideal environment for the electronics to perform at their peak.

The power and clarity of sound provided by the PSU-10 EVO enable all DS-10 models (DS-10/DS-10 PLUS, DS-10 EVO/DS-10 EVO LINE) to significantly reduce interference, enhance dynamics and resolution, and restore even the finest sonic details, delivering an exceptionally realistic musical experience.

Please note: the PSU-10 EVO is not compatible with the PH-10 phono preamplifier.


Maximum variation of output voltage: 0,05 %

Line Noise Rejection: >80dB

Сommon mode noise rejection: >80dB

Full power response time: <2,5µsec

Power Supply: 100-120V / 220-240V with auto sense, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 70W

Dynamic Power: >100W

Stand by power: <1W

Fuse: 2A T

Product Type: Power supply

lwh: 200x80x260

Weight: 4g

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