Lehmannaudio Black Cube II

Experience the Ultimate Sound Performance with the Black Cube II

Introducing the Black Cube II, the pinnacle of our renowned Black Cube family, combining the exceptional qualities of our classic Black Cube with the enhanced features of the prestigious Black Cube SE II. This powerhouse of a phono preamp delivers an unmatched audio experience that will captivate your senses.

Just like its predecessors, the Black Cube II effortlessly brings out the brilliance of virtually all MM and MC pickup systems available in the market, faithfully reproducing the complete sound spectrum of the original recordings. With its innovative and highly configurable bass filter, offering sixteen distinct settings, the Black Cube II allows you to fine-tune the tonal characteristics to match your personal preferences. Prepare to be amazed as its unrivaled dynamics breathe new life into both your cherished classics and the latest releases, as if you were hearing them for the very first time.

Rediscover the true essence of your favorite music with the Black Cube II - the epitome of exceptional sound performance.


Step into a New Dimension of Sound with the Black Cube II

Experience the unparalleled precision and audio excellence of the Black Cube II, your ticket to a whole new world of sound. This extraordinary phono preamp features an ultra-precise, passive RIAA filter network situated between two linear gain stages, meticulously crafted with high-grade, high-transient, and tightly toleranced polypropylene foil capacitors. As a result, the Black Cube II delivers a premium sound image that rivals high-end devices, all at an attractive entry-level price point.

Designed with a custom-built power supply, this new classic ensures a wide, distortion-free dynamic range, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the music. The enclosure of the Black Cube II is constructed from non-magnetic aluminum and is expertly dampened under the lid, minimizing any unwanted interference. With its latest-generation professional input stages, this phono preamp guarantees exceptional accuracy, powerful dynamics, and low noise reproduction. The audio section is equipped with additional subassemblies for efficient suppression of hum, HF, and noise. Furthermore, the dual-sided audio board provides an optimized trace layout, ensuring a flawlessly smooth operation.

The Black Cube II offers unparalleled adaptability to almost any system. Each channel features a convenient slot for solderless installation of a custom impedance, and an additional hard-wire slot allows for immediate adjustments. Should you require resistors to perfectly match your personal setup with the Black Cube II, we are pleased to include them free of charge with your order.

With its high-quality front panel options, including silver, black, or chrome-plated finishes, the Black Cube II not only delivers exceptional performance but also adds a touch of elegance to your hi-fi rack. Together with Linear & Co., it serves as the perfect gateway to this class of equipment.

Experience the Black Cube II and elevate your audio journey to new heights.

Outer dimensions W x D x H
Audio section: 114 mm x 124 mm 50 mm
Power supply: 70 mm x 115 mm x 55 mm

Audio section incl. cable to power supply: 0.65 kg netto
Power supply: 0.3 kg netto


Sensitivity for output level 775 mV/ 0 d: MM: 3.8 mV/1 kHz; MC: 0.38 mV/1 kHz

Gain 1 kHz: MM: 46 dB; MC: 66 dB

Maximum input level 1 kHz: MM: 45 mV; MC: 4,5 mV

Signal to noise ratio (RMS unweighted): MM: 71 dB; MC: 63 dB

Gain: 36 dB, 46 dB, 56 dB, 66 dB

Channel separation: > 85 dB at 10 kHz

Input impedance: 47 kohms, 1 kohm, 100 ohms 1 x custom load 1 x hardwire slot

Output impedance: 47 ohms

Input capacitance: 100 pF

Channel mismatch: typ. 0.5 dB

Bass filter: 16 settings between 7 Hz and app. 90 Hz

Power consumption: < 3 W

Product Type: Phono Stage

lwh: 114x124x50

Weight: 650g

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