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Chord Electronics Poly firmware update

New Firmware
Following the deployment of a new internal update server which allows for greater control and connection ease for all update-eligible Chord Electronic devices Chord Electronics announces a firmware update v. 3.2.4 for Poly streaming head unit.

Similar to 2Go frimware update it will prepare your Poly device for future stable connection to the Chord Electronics-run update server ensuring smooth and safe process of upgrading firmware.

Before installing this update make sure that your mobile device runs the latest version of GoFigure control app (v1.2.133 for Android and v2.12 for iOS).
What is Chord Electronics Poly?

Poly is a clip-on miniature head unit for Chord Electronics Mojo 2 and Mojo portable DAC/headphone amp. It adds many additional capabilities to the DACs including wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth), high resolution audio streaming (DLNA, AirPlay, Roon и Cast client ) and a MicroSD card-reader.
How to update Poly firmware

Make sure your version of Gofigure is up to date. (IOS 2.12 + Android 1.2.133)

Check that your Poly is fully charged and connected to the charger (solid white status light).

Do not disconnect your Poly from your Mojo device. Ensure that Mojo (Mojo 2) is fully switched on

Run Gofigure application on your mobile device and pair it with Poly via Bluetooth connection. Following steps are made usuing GoFigure command menu

Check that your Poly is connected to an active wifi network which has internet access

Enter the ‘device settings’ page and select ‘firmware update’

Leave your Poly to complete the update process, this is represented by a multicoloured flashing P.status LED (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE YOUR POLY DURING THIS PROCESS)

The Gofigure application will eventually lose connection to your device once it starts rebooting, this process will take approximately 5 minutes (PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RE-CONNECT TO YOUR POLY AT THIS POINT)

Once the Poly has completed the update process, the P.status will return to a solid white light for more than 30 seconds and the device will return to charging. Your Poly is now ready to be used.
Troubleshooting: If there is no access to firmware update command menu, try re-installing GoFigure App. If there is no Bluetooth connection after the successful update you may need to establish Bluetooth pairing with the PIN anew. Please also note that due to Android security implementation location services must be enabled on your mobile device before Bluetooth pairing attempt.
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