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Poly: Transform Your Music Experience on the go

Poly revolutionises music streaming by teaming up with Mojo 2 or Mojo, turning any wireless device into a hi-fi music powerhouse. It's not just a streamer but also a powerful music player with a vast Micro SD card capacity, making it easy to carry entire music libraries without clogging your smart device's storage. Control is a breeze, thanks to compatibility with common smartphone apps for both streaming and SD card playback.

Linking with Mojo 2/Mojo's superior DAC technology, Poly ensures your streamed tunes are of the highest audio quality. It upgrades your smartphone or tablet to a premium audio player, with the devices handling navigation and Poly enriching the sound.

Beyond mobile devices, Poly is adept with computers, laptops, and can tap into NAS drives over DLNA for networked audio. It's designed to work through Mojo 2/Mojo’s headphone outputs or can enhance sound systems with AUX inputs.

Poly's connectivity features are robust, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, AirPlay, and DLNA for seamless streaming. It smartly connects to known networks and offers a hotspot mode for tricky connections. Its rechargeable batteries provide up to nine hours of music from a four-hour charge, supporting fast USB charging for both Poly and Mojo simultaneously.

Supporting high-resolution audio up to 768kHz PCM and DSD256, Poly is compatible with a broad array of file types, ensuring your music is always played back in pristine quality. Poly redefines streaming and playback, offering unparalleled sound wherever you go.
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