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Chord Electronics High End Audio Ultima range Baltic Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Welcome to Chord Electronics, a unique brand of high-end audio devices that deliver music in its purest, most unaltered form. In their quest for resolution and absolute clarity, Chord develops multi-award-winning proprietary technologies without compromise—setting the standard in their field.

These innovative processes allow Chord to continually explore how you can enjoy their products to the fullest. That’s why, when you experience Chord’s designs, they stand out as unapologetically unique: they break away from convention, offering extraordinary sound and mechanical design that perfectly complements your lifestyle.
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Why Mojo 2?

Chord Electronics Mojo 2 portable DAC Baltics Estonia Latvia
Unmatched digital audio processing with powerful FPGA technology
Ultra HD digital signal processing EQ, customizes sound perfectly to your preferences
Includes an additional USB-C port for fast data transfer
Make Mojo 2 wireless by adding the Poly streamer/server
Chord Electronics Mojo 2 portable DAC Baltics Estonia Latvia
Meet Mojo 2
Boost your listening experience with a streamer!
Chord Electronics Poly
Poly is a portable music streamer/player that pairs with Mojo 2, enabling you to wirelessly stream music from connected devices and play tracks directly from a Micro SD card and streaming services, all controlled via smartphone. It delivers high-fidelity sound quality whether you're at home or on the move, with support for Wi-Fi, DLNA, Bluetooth® wireless technology, AirPlay, and network connections, enhancing the audio performance of headphones, car, and home audio systems.
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The Chord Mojo 2 Awards
Proudly made in Britain from aircraft-grade aluminium. Anodised, bead-blasted, precision CNC milled. Jett black finish.
MGY is the official distributor for Chord Electronics in Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

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