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Some turntables can be genuine works of art – appearing exotic or almost otherworldly, as if designed by artificial intelligence. However, regardless of their outward appearance, it ultimately comes down to quality and expert engineering.

This is often the initial impression one gets from all the turntables in the NEO series from German manufacturer Acoustic Signature. When you look at photos of their top-of-the-line record players, they may seem like they were crafted for royalty. Yet in the back of your mind, there's always the understanding that behind the aesthetics lie the most cutting-edge technologies.
Perhaps every enthusiast of analog sound would love to get their hands on one of these record players to see (and hear) for themselves. And we'll begin with the entry-level model and unpack the Acoustic Signature Maximus NEO record player from its custom-made packaging, nestled inside a highly durable cardboard box.
Let's start by mentioning the components featured on our "review" table. It includes the Maximus NEO record player itself, the TA-1000 NEO tonearm, and the MCX3 cartridge. Yes, you have the option to order the Maximus NEO with more budget-friendly alternatives using Acoustic Signature components.

Specifications and Special Features

Manufactured in Germany, the Maximus NEO is the successor to the still widely popular Maximus record player from the previous generation. It offers an integrated chassis motor with an external "super-stable multi-voltage power supply" and an integrated digital motor controller.
According to the company's website: "Dura Turn Diamond is an exceptionally rigid and practically indestructible bearing that creates the optimal conditions for the highest quality sound and sets a new standard in terms of service life, low noise, and a 15-year warranty. The DTD bearing is individually tailored for each Acoustic Signature NEO series turntable to suit the specific model."
The next technology, AVC Automatic Vibration Control, is explained on the manufacturer's website as follows: "Each rotating motor generates vibrations that are transmitted to the chassis and housing, negatively impacting the turntable's sound characteristics. Consequently, it is crucial to efficiently reduce undesirable vibrations or, ideally, prevent their occurrence.

Our technology measures the arising distortions in real-time. Based on these measurements, AVC promptly corrects any inaccuracies – completely automatically! These 'digital' measures result in a substantial reduction in vibrations, providing an additional significant advantage for multi-motor concept record players."
Lastly, the AS website states: "Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) is a mechanical engineering method for absorbing/minimizing vibrations. Our extensive testing has led to an optimized blend of materials, consisting of two layers of a special aluminum alloy and an intermediate layer of brass. This robust yet energy-absorbing structure, integrated into the design through finite element analysis, produces devices that are virtually impervious in terms of resonance behavior."
In summary, Acoustic Signature record players, ranging from the flagship Invictus NEO to the entry-level Maximus NEO, are designed with an abundance of technology and a commitment to quality. They boast elegant design and are built to be cherished for generations. As is often the case with serious audio equipment manufacturers, less expensive products often inherit technology, benefitting from a sort of "trickle-down innovation."
Therefore, the Maximus NEO offers you the opportunity to experience the advantages of the company's top-tier offerings, including the Dura Turn Diamond bearing, automatic vibration control (AVC), and Constrained Layer Damping technology.

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