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PMC, a leader in high-end audio, brings its 30+ years of expertise to the Prodigy series, ensuring studio-quality sound for home listeners. The Prodigy1 standmount and Prodigy5 floorstander deliver rich, precise bass and clear midrange, transforming your music experience with exceptional clarity and immersive sound. Their sleek, space-saving design makes them an elegant addition to any room, blending seamlessly while maximizing performance.

Trusted in renowned recording studios like the BBC's Maida Vale and Metropolis Studios, PMC products bring professional sound quality home. The Prodigy series has earned accolades for its refined performance and affordability. Enjoy award-winning quality with the PMC Prodigy series, designed to elevate your listening experience and bring a professional studio sound to your home​.
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Why PMC prodigy?

The advantages of the PMC prodigy speakers ATL technology
Enhanced Bass and Clarity: Deep, rich bass and clear mids with ATL
Top-Tier Components: Reliable, UK-manufactured parts ensuring precise, detailed sound
Elegant, Versatile Design: Compact and sophisticated, seamlessly integrates into any decor
Affordable Studio Audio: Premium studio-quality sound at an accessible price
The advantages of the PMC prodigy speakers ATL technology

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Recommended to pair with PMC Prodigy
Include grilles with your prodigy pair!
  • The PMC prodigy one grilles
    The PMC's smaller prodigy loudspeaker is a superior compact standmount/bookshelf design, perfect for small to medium-sized rooms, yet capable of delivering a rich, dynamic sound from its diminutive form.
  • The PMC prodigy five grilles
    The prodigy5 floorstander is compact yet powerful, occupying no more space than bookshelf speakers on stands due to its small footprint, making it suitable for any room style. Despite its size, it can fill even larger spaces with weighty, crisply defined music.
The PMC prodigy1 Awards
All PMC loudspeakers are crafted
at PMC's own facility in the UK.
The PMC prodigy5 Awards
MGY is the official distributor for PMC in Estonia, Latvia, Czechia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

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