Rekkord Audio Brush

Rekkord Audio
Carbon Fiber Record Cleaning Brush

Introducing the REKKORD Brush: The Essential Accessory for Every Vinyl Lover!
Meet the REKKORD Brush, the perfect addition to any vinyl lover's collection. Designed with precision and care, this must-have tool is set to transform your vinyl listening experience. Equipped with dual rows of high-quality carbon fiber bristles, it gently cleans your precious records' grooves, ensuring impeccable sound quality like never before.

For the best listening experience, we strongly suggest using the REKKORD Brush to clean your records before each play. It effectively removes dust and debris, offering you smooth, uninterrupted music sessions. And don't worry about the bristles getting dirty over time; our clever bracket system makes cleaning them a breeze, keeping your REKKORD Brush in excellent condition.

Upgrade your vinyl experience with the REKKORD Brush - your key to keeping records in perfect shape and achieving outstanding sound quality.

lwh: 115x34x18 mm

Weight: 100 g

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