Acoustic Signature TA-9000 NEO

Acoustic Signature
The best tonearm of Acoustic Signature. Discover the epitome of high-end component innovation with the TA-9000 NEO.

This extraordinary tonearm boasts one of the most intricate arm tube designs in history, ensuring unparalleled performance. Its ball bearings, inspired by cutting-edge space technology, achieve unparalleled precision and minimal friction. With an innovative material synergy meticulously engineered to absorb vibrations and strike the perfect balance between rigidity and weight, the TA-9000 NEO emerges as the ultimate companion for top-tier turntables. Experience the pinnacle of audio excellence and unlock the full potential of your ultimate turntable setup with the TA-9000 NEO.


  • Tonearm with exten­sively dam­ped multi-structure alumi­num armtube
  • Availa­ble as 9″ and 12″ version
  • Perfect tracking results due to friction­less, pre-tensio­ned high-pre­cision ball bea­rings by Timken
  • Better rigidity and smooth ope­ration due to NEO stain­less steel tone­arm axis design
  • Internal high-purity silver wiring (4N)
  • Supplied with external Atlas Equator 5-pin phono cable (1.5 m, RCA or XLR)
  • Counter­weight made of brass
  • Optional head­shell made of massive titanium
  • Adjus­table VTA & azimuth
  • SME-type moun­ting versions
  • Anti-skating knob
  • 5-year warranty (with registration)


Available sizes: 9″ version, 12″ version

Length: 298 mm (9″ version), 368 mm (12″ version)

Cartridge balance range: 6 to 16 g

Mounting: SME style

Armtube: Extensively damped multi-structure aluminum armtube

Signal cable material: High-purity silver wiring (4N)

Phono cable: 1.5 m Atlas Equator phono cable

Connectors: 5-pin to RCA or XLR/ground connector

Product Type: Tonearm

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