Experience the epitome of audio craftsmanship with Spendor. From design and engineering to production, every Spendor loudspeaker is meticulously crafted in the UK. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our in-house R&D program, where components and cabinets are brought to perfection.

Setting up your Spendor loudspeakers is effortless, seamlessly integrating with your existing Hi-Fi equipment. Prepare to be astonished as they transform your music experience across all genres. With a timeless and elegant design, honed over five decades, our speakers smoothly blend into any room, enhancing its ambiance discreetly. But the true magic lies within their ability to deliver a transparent musical sound that surpasses their price point.

At Spendor, we understand the delicate balance between technical specifications and the pure joy of what we hear. Our captivating products are the result of passionate music enthusiasts who immerse themselves in intense listening sessions.
Spendor in the Store
Spendor's inception took place in the late 1960s, courtesy of Spencer and Dorothy Hughes, whose initials inspired the brand name. Leveraging Spencer's expertise as an engineer in the BBC's sound engineering department, the couple embarked on creating their inaugural loudspeaker, the BC1. This revolutionary design swiftly gained recognition as the preferred monitor for broadcasting and recording studios across the globe.

Now, more than 50 years later, the enduring legacy of the iconic BC1 and its successors reverberates through our diverse and groundbreaking lineup of loudspeakers. Spendor continues to set the standard for both discerning audiophiles and professional sound engineers, delivering a captivating, transparent, natural, and melodious sound experience that transcends expectations.


Creating a loudspeaker, especially one that delivers such an outstanding performance like Spendor, is quite a challenging endeavor. In this video, we have beautifully captured every step of the manufacturing process.
Building a loudspeaker takes us six days, but the entire design process spans a whole year. This is how the journey unfolds for our D7.2 loudspeaker.

Product Range

  • A-LINE
    Bringing music to life
    Dynamic and invigorating, the A-Line loudspeakers exude an exhilarating audio experience that surpasses their unassuming size. These speakers emanate a pristine, expansive sound, exuding a warm and expressive demeanor that breathes life and clarity into your music. Meticulously crafted, they possess an inherent grace and finesse, accompanied by an infectious energy that keeps you enthralled throughout.
  • D-LINE
    Revealing every detail
    The D-Line loudspeakers embody a captivating blend of dynamism and purity. They possess the remarkable ability to bring forth every subtle nuance of a performance with unparalleled clarity, resolution, and realism. These speakers leave no room for distortion, ambiguity, or any blurring of the intricate shades, tones, and colors within the music.
    The soul of the performance
    Experience the captivating essence of musical performance with Spendor Classic loudspeakers. These exceptional speakers exude confidence and power, effortlessly transporting you to the core of every live show. Embracing a harmonious blend of warmth, richness, clarity, and transparency, they unveil the true spectrum of colors and textures embedded in your music, enveloping you in an unparalleled immersive and soothing audio environment.
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