Acoustic Signature Maximus NEO

Acoustic Signature
Discover the Acoustic Signature Maximus NEO: The Ultimate Starting Point Turntable!

As a leading reference product among manufacturers, the Acoustic Signature Maximus NEO sets a new standard in turntable excellence. Building upon the success of its popular predecessor, the Maximus, this remarkable turntable surpasses expectations and outperforms many so-called flagship models.

Experience unmatched performance with the Maximus NEO from Acoustic Signature, delivering exceptional quality and precision that leaves competitors trailing behind. Explore the next level of turntable perfection and elevate your audio experience with the Maximus NEO.

AC-motors: 1 (integrated)

Drive system: RPM-regulated belt drive with speed fine adjustment

AVC: Level 1

Speed range: 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM

Power adapter: Exter­nal power supply (100 – 260 V AC, 50 / 60Hz. / 24 V DC) (WxDxH: 6 x 12 x 5.5cm; 0.2 kg)

Control panel: Integrated

Bearing: High-precision Dura Turn Diamond® bearing

Tone arm compati­bility: 9 inch tonearms

Maximum number of tone arms: 1

Platter: Alumi­num anodized (Ø 300 x 34 mm / 5,8 kg)

Chassis: 30 mm massive aluminum chassis

Feet: 3 height-adjustable gel-damped aluminum feet

Product Type: Turntable

lwh: 415x315x120 mm

Weight: 18000 g

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