Chord Electronics Ultima Pre

Chord Electronics' ULTIMA PRE: Redefining High-Fidelity Audio

Chord Electronics presents the ULTIMA PRE, a culmination of three decades of UK audio innovation, setting a new benchmark in sound amplification. This preamplifier features a distinct dual-mono setup with dedicated high-frequency power supplies for unparalleled channel separation and a noise floor reduced to an impressive -117dB, emphasizing its pure sound delivery.

Designed to complement the ULTIMA mono power amplifier, the ULTIMA PRE is both visually striking and versatile, offering balanced inputs and outputs, front-panel EQ adjustments for personalized audio tuning, and headphone outputs for intimate listening experiences.

Each ULTIMA PRE is meticulously handcrafted in Chord Electronics' Kent facility, where expert technicians oversee the assembly process. The device is shielded in solid aluminum to block RF interference, while its aircraft-grade aluminum chassis provides a sturdy, resonance-free environment for the sophisticated internals. This design not only ensures optimal sound quality but also adds to the unit's aesthetic appeal with the iconic Integra Leg System.

Embodying Chord Electronics' commitment to audio excellence, the ULTIMA PRE delivers unmatched clarity and power, offering audiophiles an unrivaled listening experience that blends advanced technology with elegant design.
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