Gold Note IS-1000 MkII

Gold Note
Gold Note's All-In-One High-Quality Audio Solution
Drawing on over twenty years of research, Gold Note presents the IS-1000 MkII, a device that offers exceptional sound quality. This all-in-one solution combines a powerful AB class integrated amplifier, an MM/MC phono preamplifier, a high-end DAC, and a high-resolution streamer into a single unit.

Unmatched Sound Quality
The AB class amplifier delivers 125W per 8Ω @1kHz per channel, ensuring pure sound, vivid dynamics, and precise detail reproduction. The IS-1000 MkII provides a variety of digital and analog inputs, offering complete control and the flexibility to connect multiple devices. Paired with speakers, the IS-1000 MkII enables you to fully enjoy high-definition music at home.

Easy Setup and Versatility
The IS-1000 MkII is designed for plug-and-play installation and is compatible with multi-room systems. It supports high-resolution streaming through platforms like Roon, Airplay, Tidal, MQA, Qobuz, Spotify, vTuner, and Deezer. You can control it from a smartphone or tablet using the free GN Control app available for iOS and Android. Additionally, you can play music from NAS or USB flash memory. Vinyl enthusiasts can connect their turntable directly to the IS-1000 MkII using the integrated phono preamplifier.

Roon Ready
Being Roon Ready means the IS-1000 MkII uses Roon's streaming technology, providing an excellent user interface, easy setup, reliable performance, and top-tier audio quality.

Tidal Connect
With Tidal Connect (from S/N 79486), you can stream directly from the Tidal app (available for iOS and Android) to the IS-1000 MkII.
Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and Outputs

1x RCA Coax PCM up to 24bit/192kHz
3x Optical Tos-Link PCM up to 24bit/192kHz
1x USB-A port DSD64 and PCM up to 24bit/192kHz, formatted in FAT32/NTFS (32Gb max for pen drives)

1x XLR balanced
1x RCA Line/Phono MM/MC
1x RCA Line/AV-In

1x RCA fixed (0dB, 1.4Vrms)
1x RCA variable (+9,5dB, 4Vrms max)



Integrated Amp: Class AB Mosfet (125Watt 8Ω @1kHz)

Phono stage: MM & MC developed from the multi-awarded PH-10

DAC: DELUXE model: BurrBrown PCM1792A; LINE model: BurrBrown PCM1796

Booster: 3 adjustable levels (by-passable/off)

Damping factor: >100

THD: 0,005% @5W

Signal to noise ratio: >100dB Line and Digital Inputs ; >80 dB Phono (MM)

Finishes: Gold, Black, Silver

Product Type: Amplifier

Product Type: DAC

Product Type: Streamer

Product Type: All-in-one

Product Type: Phono Stage

lwh: 430x135x375

Weight: 18000g

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