Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler

Chord Electronics
Standalone 1M-tap digital upscaling device

The Hugo M Scaler is a standalone upscaling device that incorporates cutting-edge technology originally introduced in the flagship BLU MKII digital/CD transport. It houses the world's most advanced digital filter and, when paired with a Chord Electronics DAC featuring dual-BNC inputs, it has the potential to completely redefine the quality of digital audio sound.

The Hugo M Scaler is an exceptionally advanced standalone upscaling device with the ability to completely transform the audio quality of digital sound. It utilizes the unique filter technology developed by our Digital Design Consultant, Rob Watts, which is regarded as the most advanced in the world. This technology can upscale standard 44.1kHz digital audio all the way up to 705.6kHz (16 times the native resolution of a CD's 44.1kHz), making it ready to be sent to a compatible DAC. Additionally, when used with our dual-BNC-input DACs - Qutest, Hugo 2, Hugo TT 2, and DAVE - the Hugo M Scaler can extend its upscaling capability to 768kHz from 96kHz input data.

The Hugo M Scaler brings the remarkable benefits of our groundbreaking FPGA-based WTA (Watts Transient Alignment) filtering technology to digitally connected audio devices, resulting in a significant enhancement in sound quality. While it's optimized for use with select Chord Electronics DACs (for the maximum 768kHz upscaling/decoding advantage), it can also be employed with other DACs that have suitable inputs, provided they have the necessary decoding capability.

In terms of design, the Hugo M Scaler's compact form factor complements the TT (Table Top) series and is designed to be stackable with other units in the range, such as the TToby stereo power amp and the Hugo TT 2. This configuration creates a highly advanced yet space-efficient audio system. Similar to other models in the Hugo and Hugo TT series, the device features illuminable spherical controls on the front panel, which allow for input selection, output sample rate adjustment, and video mode for reduced latency. These control spheres provide visual feedback, displaying information such as the input source and incoming sample rate through a colorful scale.

When combined with either of Chord Electronics' dual-BNC-input DACs capable of 768kHz, the Hugo M Scaler sets an astounding technical benchmark for digital audio performance in its price range, completely redefining the sound quality achievable with digital audio.


Tap-length filter: 1,015,808 (16FS filter)

Connectivity (input): 1x Galvanically isolated Type-B USB, 2x Coax BNC and 2x Optical

Connectivity (output): 1x Galvanically isolated dual BNC (enables upscaling to the maximum 768kHz), 1x BNC S/PDIF and 1x Optical

PCM support: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz, 384kHz, 717.6kHz, and 768kHz. 16 – 32bit

Driver support: Driverless with Mac OS X and Linux, driver required for Windows OS

FPGA: Xilinx XC7A200T

Power consumption: Full power – 30 W, Standby – 10 W

lwh: 40x235x238

Weight: 2550g




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