Fyne Audio Vintage Classic VIII

Fyne Audio
Tall, slender, and sophisticated, the Vintage Classic VIII takes a step further from the SM version by featuring a larger floorstanding cabinet, resulting in a fuller, richer, and more captivating sound.

Staying true to the Vintage Classic Series, the VIII is housed in a rectangular cabinet adorned with luxurious walnut veneer panels and an eye-catching baffle detail. This detail includes anodized gold trim and analog control knobs arranged on a dedicated panel that showcases frequency response graphs. Utilizing the 200mm (8”) Vintage Classic IsoFlare with FyneFlute roll surround and a proven 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter, this beautifully retro design incorporates a compact BassTrax porting system to deliver exceptional bass despite the relatively smaller cabinet. Complete with the Vintage Classic woven cloth grille, the VIII seamlessly blends into any room.

Product Type: Speakers

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