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DAVE is the Chord's flagship DAC, a reference-level device containing the latest-generation FPGA technology. Put simply, it is the most advanced DAC in the world.

DAVE represents the pinnacle of DAC technology in our portfolio. It incorporates cutting-edge conversion technology, employing exclusive techniques that have never been seen before. This places DAVE at the forefront of DAC/preamp amplifiers globally. DAVE stands for 'Digital to Analogue Veritas in Extremis,' a name that perfectly encapsulates its extraordinary capabilities. It is a device so advanced and uncompromising that it delivers truthfulness to the utmost degree.

DAVE is not just a DAC; it also serves as a reference-level headphone amplifier and digital preamp. It condenses over two decades of research, development, and advanced engineering from Chord Electronics into a single unit. At its core lies the advanced Spartan 6 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), boasting a processing power that surpasses traditional mass-produced chip DACs by a factor of 1,000. DAVE's FPGA is equipped with over a million lines of code to effectively address complex timing issues with remarkable speed and precision.

The extraordinary capabilities of the FPGA translate into several significant sonic advantages, including vastly improved timing and the most exceptional noise-shaping performance among all known DACs. DAVE's technology delivers music with unparalleled realism and musicality, offering an unmatched timing response. The device's lossless digital volume control ensures that the signal is delivered directly to your power amplifier, providing the purest audio experience.

DAVE features a generously sized LC display on its front panel, which showcases input sources, sample frequencies, volume levels, and configuration settings within our renowned porthole design. Additionally, DAVE is equipped with a rotary encoder with a substantial stainless steel controller and tactile ball buttons on its fascia, allowing for direct interaction in addition to the provided remote control.
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Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.1dB

THD: -127.5dB (AWT)

Channel separation: >125dB @ 1kHz

Dynamic range: 127.5dB (AWT)

Headphone Output: 1% THD 6.8v RMS with 300Ω (154mW), 1% THD 6.8v RMS with 33Ω (1.4w)

Output Impedance: 0.055Ω (short circuit protected)

Operation voltage: 90v AC – 250v AV auto switching 50Hz – 60Hz

Power Consumption: Full power – 40 W, Standby – 10 W

Product Type: DAC

Product Type: Headphone amplifier

lwh: 78x335x152

Weight: 5000g

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